Site Rules

Here at AWA herts we want airsoft to be enjoyed in a safe and enjoyable environment, so please read, memorize and follow these few basic rules and precautions.

Your day

  • Your day starts at 10:00 Hrs and we normally finish around 16:00 Hrs with a short lunch break around 13:00 Hrs.
  • If you are renting from us, please be on site for 09:30 Hrs for issuing of kit, safety and weapon training.

Age restrictions

  • To play Airsoft you must over 12 years old
  • Between 12 and 14 you must be signed in by an adult and an adult must remain on site all day (They do not need to play)
  • Between 14 and 16 you must be signed in by an adult and signed out by an adult at the end of the day
  • Over 16 your on your own

In The Safe Zone

  • Do not put any magazine into a gun at any time
  • Do not test fire guns inside of the safe zone, even is you are sure its clear
  • Security of your equipment and personal belongings remains your responsibility at all times. The management of AWA Herts Airsoft Site does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage of any kind to personal property, including vehicles

In The Field

  • Full face protection must be worn at all times, by anyone under the age of 18. AWA Herts Airsoft Site reserve the right to prohibit the use of eye protection which we do not feel meets our safety standards.
  • All rental players must wear the eye protection provided at ALL times.
  • Only remove your eye protection after entering the safe zone.
  • The FPS limit at AWA Herts Airsoft Site is as follows: AEGS can fire up to 360fps, Bolt action rifles can fire up to 500fps (Over 18s only), 450fps for DMRs (Locked to Semi-Automatic)

In Case of Emergencies

  • In case of an emergency, the marshall in charge will give 5 short blasts of his whistle. Should you hear this, all players must immediately place their weapons on the floor and stand up.
  • One whistle blast will restart the game as soon as its safe to do so.


  • Marshals directions must be followed at all times and without argument. The marshals are there to ensure both players safety and honest, enjoyable gameplay. Any player arguing with a marshal over ANY issues in the playing area may be asked to return to the safe zone, where further action may be taken.

You can find our full rules here